Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to join AFSA as an Active member or consumer credit company?

Dues are based on your company's gross revenue from your consumer lending activity including interest income, finance charge income, service fee income and gains from securitization or loan sales from loans and leases, sales finance contracts, real estate loans, and small business and agribusiness loans.

Is there a minimum dues?

Yes, the minimum dues is $415 annually.

Is there a maximum dues amount?

No. but there is a scale depending on the revenue amount. For a Dues Computation Form, contact Sheilah Harrison at

May I join AFSA as an individual?

No, membership in AFSA is at the corporate level. But there is no limit to the individuals from the company that can be involved in AFSA, attend meetings, and have access to "members only" information.

Can I join AFSA as a new start-up finance company?

Yes, but you must first wait a year from the time your company is directly or indirectly making loans or providing products and services to credit companies as an industry supplier.

When do I renew my membership and pay dues to AFSA?

Membership in AFSA is on an annual basis from January - December. Renewal letters are mailed in November of the current year with renewal payments due by March 1.

What if my company joins AFSA during the year? How much do I pay in dues?

Your dues are prorated for 12 months. For example, if you join in April, you only pay for 8 months and renew the following March.

If my parent company is a member of AFSA, can a subsidiary have a separate membership?

Absolutely, and the subsidiary (i.e. mortgage lending or auto finance) will receive a substantial savings on dues.

If my company also provides products and services to other consumer credit companies, may I join as a Business Partner (Industry Supplier) instead of as an Active member (consumer credit company)?

No, if you qualify as an Active member, you must join in this category first. But, your products and services subsidiary (i.e. insurance, funding, loan processing, attorneys) may join for a significant Business Partner discount.

May I list my company's products and services in the online Industry Buyer's Guide as an Active member (credit and finance company)?

No, your company must have an additional membership as a Business Partner to have a listing in the AFSA Buyer's Guide.

For more information, contact Sheilah Harrison, Vice President, Member Services.